Will you allow requests?


Requests should be welcome.  If a song seems inappropriate, a good DJ will explain the reason and ask for an alternative selection.

Family DJ

Family DJ loves requests, especially since it is our clients who are ultimately in charge of what Family DJ plays at events.  The role of a disc jockey, beyond simply providing entertainment, a sound system, and music, is to play the music that each client wants played.  Unless the disc jockey can read minds, there is no real way to do this unless they take requests.

Family DJ works with each client long before the start of the event.  We determine what types of music should be played and pay particular attention to any special or specific songs that are asked for.  If Family DJ does not have the songs that are being requested, we will seek to obtain them prior to the event, if possible.  The client may also provide the music for use by Family DJ at the event.

Once the music starts, Family DJ is flexible enough to handle new requests from clients and their guests.  Family DJ always takes our client's instructions regarding music into account when guests request music.

While Family DJ's library of music is quite large, it does not and can not possibly include every song that our clients and their guests will ever request.  As such, if there are specific songs that are needed for an event, it is very important to let Family DJ know well in advance.  It might be possible in some cases for Family DJ to obtain music on short notice, but this should not be assumed.  Clients are always welcome to provide additional music the day of the event for Family DJ's use at the event.

Given Family DJ's emphasis on family-friendly entertainment, Family DJ assumes that family-friendly music is desired by each of our clients unless a client explicitly requests that the music does not need to be family-friendly.