American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA)

The following text is a copy of the text printed on a brochure provided by the American Disc Jockey Association (ADJA).  Links to additional content has been added by Family DJ.

Family DJ is proud to be a member of the ADJA. To learn more about the ADJA, visit their web site:

Why choose an American Disc Jockey Association member?

The ADJA is a non-profit National Mobile DJ association.  Thus, it's incentive isn't profit - but rather the benefit of the DJ industry and consumers looking for a disc jockey.  This brochure includes QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE HIRING YOUR ENTERTAINER.  These questions were developed to protect prospective DJ clients.  The ADJA represents thousands of disc jockeys so we recommend that you screen for a professional that will have the personality you desire and offer you the service that you need.

The Association provides:

Representation - The ADJA represents thousands of disc jockeys across the United States.  Consumers have an organization to go to for disc jockey related questions, concerns, or complaints.  Members are encouraged to maintain high standards and deliver what they promise.

Education - The ADJA supports educational programs, national conventions, and local chapters so that active disc jockeys can learn to become better entertainers, emcees, and business people.  Consumers are also educated through the ADJA's national website,  The ADJA has submitted various articles and interviews that appear in national magazines and newspapers.

Public Relations - The ADJA is actively working on media exposure to create public awareness.  As the public learns what to expect from a professional disc jockey, more and more disc jockeys will become active members and have no choice but to behave in an ethical, professional manner since their reputation is at stake.  The ADJA welcomes consumer questions, comments, or complaints.

Benefits - The ADJA offers benefits to disc jockeys which include low-cost group liability policies (insurance available to photographers & videographers, as well), discounts on music purchases, promotional materials, and educational materials.  These benefits allow disc jockeys to maintain high standards and improve their performance.

How much should you pay for your Disc Jockey?

You will find that professional disc jockeys will average $750.00 to $1,500.00 for services that include delivery, set-up, and tear-down of a professional sound system, emcee services, coordination, music programming, and 3 to 6 hours of entertainment.  Other options that may or may not be included would include lighting effects, Karaoke equipment, props, dancers, a second entertainer, etc.  Keep in mind that rates vary based on popularity, personality, professionalism, service, talent, creativity, and other factors.  You must decide if you simply need someone to program music for the evening or if you need a mult-talented entertainer, coordinator, emcee, and music programmer.  Whatever you spend on your disc jockey, we remind you to READ YOUR CONTRACT before signing and agreement.  If you want a specific entertainer, make sure it is guaranteed in writing.  Understanding the terms of agreement will help you avoid disappointment on the day of your event.