Standard Rate

$300/event + $80/hour

The hourly rate is charged only for the time the event is scheduled to run and does not count setup or take-down.  All events are billed for a minimum of two hours, regardless of actual duration.  Time is rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour.

Any charges in addition to the standard rate (described below) will be explained and negotiated up front.  We don't like the idea of hidden fees.

Weddings and Wedding Receptions

$600/event + $80/hour

Due to the extra planning, coordination, and other expenses involved in most weddings, the base rate for a wedding is slightly higher.  This is only $300 more than our standard rate and is still very affordable.


There is no extra charge for setup or take-down.  We assume one hour for each and plan appropriately.

If the setup must be completed early or if take-down must be delayed after the event's completion, the additional time (rounded up to the nearest 1/2 hour) is considered part of the total even time and is charged at the standard rate of $80/hour.

Second Sound System

If your event requires a second sound system to be set up and used, there is an additional $100 fee for the service.  A second sound system is normally only required if an event starts out in one location and ends in another (e.g., an outdoor wedding followed by an indoor reception).  If both systems must be staffed independently and remain running during the event, a second disk jockey will be required on-site and additional charges will apply.


There is no charge for the first 25 miles of the travel distance (see below).  For the next 25 miles (between 25 and 50 miles) of the travel distance, there is a charge of $1 per mile.  For any travel distance miles over 50 and up to 100, the charge is $2 per mile. For more distant locations or any special travel requirements, there may be additional charges.

All travel distances are measured in one-way driving miles using the default Google Maps route from our primary business address.


All required parking and/or toll charges are additional.


Lighting effects for the dance floor or the event space may carry an additional charge depending on the exact requirements.

Basic dance floor lighting (sufficient for most events) is $50/event.  Family DJ strongly recommends the use of dance floor lighting when it makes sense for the event.

Uplighting is a popular option for decorating the event space with light.  It involves illuminating walls or other parts of the room, usually from the bottom upwards.  The set of lights can be set to one of a wide range of customizable colors and can often be set to closely match one of the colors of the event.  Uplighting starts at $200 and is based on the estimated number of lights needed.

Advanced lighting options are also available.

For most daytime events with natural lighting, lighting is not recommended due to limited effectiveness.  Most nighttime events benefit greatly from dance floor lighting and uplighting, as do events where natural lighting is not available.

Premium Dates

Due to various factors (including increased demand) on certain days of the year, there is an additional $50 fee for events on these days and on the related holiday weekends.  Unless otherwise noted, the related holiday weekends are the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that include or immediately precede the holidays below (or follow, if the holiday falls on a Thursday).

  • Valentine's Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Halloween1
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve2

1Related weekend always includes/precedes holiday.
2No related holiday weekend.

Other Charges/Fees

Always negotiable, but based on actual costs and/or the standard rate of $80/hour.


Tipping is certainly never required or asked for in any way.  If you feel that the DJ has done an excellent job or exceeded your expectations, feel free to offer a tip.


The available discounts are subject to change at any time and some may not be able to be combined with other discounts.  Feel free to ask us if any discounts apply to your event.  (Chances are that you won't ever need to, since we like to tell you when you can save money with us.)  Some discounts that may be available:

  • New client discount: 10% off base rate and hourly rate
  • Special Discount: $50 (limit 1/event, proof of eligibility required):
    • Monday-Thursday event (not valid on premium dates)
    • Non-profit charity client
    • Military client (active or retired)
  • Advance booking discount (based on full calendar months deposit is received in advance of event):
    • Weddings: $10/month ($120 max)
    • Non-Weddings: $10/two months ($60 max)

Unless otherwise stated, discounts apply to the base rate.

Rate Changes

Rates are subject to change at any time.  Your contract with Family DJ will detail the rates, charges, discounts, and fees applicable to your event.  Contract terms (including rates) will not change once the contract is signed, unless both parties agree to the change.