What makes Family DJ "family-friendly"?

"Family-friendly" means that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy the music and have fun dancing, watching, or just listening.

We pay attention to the song lyrics and themes and filter out those songs that may be objectionable.  Many years of experience with the music and performing for groups with strict musical standards (such as church groups and elementary schools) makes this level of filtering possible.

For weddings, Family DJ likes to play music that is appropriate for everyone from the flower girl to the matron of honor.  Weddings are a time to share the joy of the occasion with friends and family of all ages.  Many couples want music that everyone can enjoy and prefer not to hear objectionable themes or lyrics on their big day.  Family DJ works hard to ensure that everyone comes away feeling good about the music and how they have just spent their time.

"Family-friendly" does not mean "boring" or limiting the music selection to only kids' music.  There are so many popular dance songs that have clean lyrics and themes that there is little need to select songs that don't.  In some cases, popular songs with unclean lyrics have what are known as "radio edits," which clean up or edit out some of the words so that they can be played on the radio.  These edited versions often work for family-friendly dances as well.

Does this mean that Family DJ never plays songs with themes or lyrics that are not family-friendly?  Actually, no.  Why?  While Family DJ's emphasis is and always will be on family-friendly entertainment, ultimately it is the client who decides whether we can or should play such songs.  We strive to honor all of our clients' requests and have many top hits available that we would not consider family-friendly.  Unlike most DJs, however, our clients have to explicitly "opt-in" to such music rather than "opt-out."

Being "family-friendly" doesn't stop with clean music.  Family DJ is clean in how we present ourselves at all times.  We always use clean language and humor.  We never drink or smoke.  We show respect and consideration for everyone, regardless of age.

In short, Family DJ does everything possible to ensure that events where we perform remain family-friendly.