Referral Program

When Family DJ performs at an event, we do our very best to make ensure that everyone leaves satisfied that we have done an excellent job.  Family DJ wants to be certain that those who have enlisted our services are not only eager to have us return for their next event, but are also willing to refer us to friends.

In order to help this to happen, Family DJ offers a referral program that benefits both those who are referring us as well as those who are being referred.

Here's how it works:

Referral Credits

Referral credits are how Family DJ rewards those who have referred others to us.  Referral credits can be redeemed with Family DJ for discounts on our services as follows:

  • One referral credit entitles the bearer to five percent (5%) off the total standard cost of Family DJ's services at any event contracted by the bearer.
  • The total standard cost of an event is defined as the per-event rate plus the hourly rate.  It does not include any special charges or fees that may be incurred.  These expenses include travel expenses, special equipment fees, etc.  Such charges and fees (if they are needed at all) are always fully-disclosed when Family DJ's services are being negotiated.
  • One event is allowed to use up to five referral credits for a total possible discount of twenty-five percent (25%).
  • Referral credits are non-transferable, can not be combined with any other offers or discounts, have no value except as a discount for future services, and expire 5 years after they are earned.

If you schedule an event and have any referral credits available for use, we will automatically apply them (up to the maximum allowed) to your event unless you explicitly ask us not to.

Earning Referral Credits

Earning referral credits is easy.

If you are a new client, just schedule an event with Family DJ to earn two referral credits.  These referral credits are available for immediate use.  You don't need to be referred by someone else to earn them.  If you were referred by someone else, you must inform Family DJ at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event or they will not earn any referral credits for having referred you.

If you refer someone to Family DJ and they hire us for an event, you receive one referral credit.  A signed contract and deposit from your referral are required in order for you to receive a referral credit.

Translation: The more you refer, the more discounts you get.

Here's a tip: You don't have to be a prior client to refer someone.  Anyone can accumulate referral credits.